Terms and conditions

Conclusion of a Contract:

  • Sending by mail to the Organizer a duly signed copy of an Order Sheet available on web page http://www.educatioexpo.hu (hereinafter referred to as Web page) will be qualified as an offer from the Exhibitor. Signed order sheet can also be uploaded to the webpage, on the exhibitor’s administrator interface. On the Order Sheet, the Exhibitor shall not stipulate any unilateral condition or reservation, and his offer shall be binding until the Organizer makes a declaration as defined in Section 1.3.
  • By sending a duly signed copy of the Order Sheet, the Exhibitor shall, at the same time, certify that he has got to know and considers binding to him the provisions set forth in this GCC forming an integral part of the Order Sheet.
  • The Organizer shall make a decision on the designation of the exhibition area without an obligation of justification and shall notify the Exhibitor of his decision by sending a confirmation of the offer. Should the Exhibitor argue those included in the confirmation for any reason, he shall have the right to indicate it to the Organizer in writing, within a period of 3 workdays upon receipt of the confirmation of offer. The expiry of the above deadline and the confirmation of offer of the Contracting party according to the aforesaid shall mean that the contract is made between the Contracting parties.

Provisions relevant to the services

  • The Organizer shall allow exhibitors to appear at the Event by providing them with stands. The stands shall be designed and installed by the Organizer, and the Organizer shall guarantee their safe and proper use. The Exhibitor may change stand design with a prior consent thereto from the Organizer and in a way agreed upon with the Organizer only. The Organizer shall not be liable for any damage arising from a violation of the above obligation.
  • Should our Exhibitor require it, in a special case there is an option of using an own installation as well but it shall not modify the participation fee. The construction design for own-installed custom-designed stands shall be sent by November 15, 2019 at the latest to sales@hookkft.hu.
  • After any visible surface overpassing 3 meters of height (flags, tower, etc.), the Organizer is authorized to bill an additional fee for the Exhibitor, the payable amount is 40.000 HUF/sqm. This fee does not cover the construction costs.
  • The Organizer shall provide, for each stand, a so-called basic service whose content will be indicated both on the web page and on the Order Sheet. The Exhibitor may also use additional services defined on the Order Sheet at an extra fee specified there.
    The Exhibitor shall acknowledge that the Organizer shall have the right, upon conclusion of the Contract, to issue a pro forma invoice for the full price of the required services used, with a payment term of 8 days, and shall also acknowledge that a stand may be occupied after the pro forma invoice has been paid in full only.
    No company other than the own company (group) of the Exhibitor may appear in the stand area unless having a permit thereto from the Organizer.
  • The Exhibitor shall have the right to place his own image elements and decoration used for distinguishing, in the stand area, and to use any equipment and unit brought by him for what the Exhibitor shall be responsible.
  •  The restricted car park found close to the entrance to the HUNGEXPO ‘A’ Hall may be used against an extra charge only by the exhibitor. 
  • The Exhibitor shall be responsible for any damage caused to the stand elements and to the real estate used as a site for the Event, and shall reimburse to the Organizer the costs of restoral of such damage against an invoice.
    Should the Exhibitor have any disadvantage during the Event (for instance, a loss due to theft, accident) for any reason not attributable to the Organizer, the Organizer shall assume no substantive responsibility for it.
  • Should the Exhibitor wish to provide a musical service or to perform any activity implying a noise load exceeding 40 dB at the Event, he shall previously announce it to the Organizer at least 45 days in advance prior to the date at which the Event begins.
  • The Exhibitor shall not perform any promotional activity (including giving leaflets and representative gifts, polling through questionnaires, persons directing visitors to the stand of the Exhibitor including any decorative element used for the same purpose) outside his stand unless having a prior consent thereto from the Organizer, against an extra fee.
    The Organizer shall make, in 15,000 copies, a so-called publication for information and will deliver it free of charge to those attending the event. This publication will show main data of Exhibitors, the program schedule of the Event and a map helping with orientation. The Organizer shall allow the exhibitors, against an extra fee, to publish advertisements, specials in the aforesaid informative publication.
    The Organizer will provide, against an extra free, a stage, a projector and a public address system for the purpose of holding lectures, shows, presentations, talks of up to 25 minutes as a maximum.
  • The Exhibitor and his staff shall have the right to enter the Event site beyond the official opening hours of the Event in order to perform necessary preparatory works such as installing equipment, placing image elements, etc. Entry beyond opening hours will be possible only by presenting an entry pass authorizing it. The Organizer shall provide each Exhibitor with 1 pc of an entry pass per each 1.5 m2 according to the stand size. Should the stand staff need additional entry passes, it may be ordered as an extra.
  • The Exhibitor shall return the stand emptied, within a period of 3 after the final day of the Event in original state. After the Event has been demolished, the Organizer shall be entitled to have all unremoved exhibition objects removed or neutralized at the cost of the Exhibitor.
  • The Organizer shall provide security service of the Event for each night, from 10 p.m. on the day before the event to 7 a.m. of the next day, and on event days from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m of the next day.

Payment terms

  • The rental for the stand and all services shall be paid by transfer according to the payment terms indicated on the invoice, to bank account no. 10102244-30688200-01003007 kept by the Organizer with Budapest Bank. The Organizer will issue the invoice reduced by the amount of pro forma invoice according to section 2.1 within a period of 15 days.
  • The Exhibitor shall have the right to cancel the order according to the following conditions: for a cancellation till November 15, 2019, 50% of the total fee of services ordered; for a cancellation during November 16 to December 31, 2019, 70% of the total fee of services ordered, and for a cancellation on January 1, 2020 and later, the total fee of services ordered shall be paid by the Customer.
  • The Organizer provides the opportunity to pay the services in euro (EUR), instead of Ft (HUF) payment. Should the exhibitor choose on the online administrative interface to pay in EUR, Organizer exchanges the fees of all services at the fix exchange rate of 320 HUF/EUR. This exchange rate shall be in effect as long as the Hungarian National Bank’s exchange rate of the euro stays above HUF 320. In case of 320 HUF/EUR exchange rate or lower, the Hungarian National Bank’s current exchange rate is applied in determining the payments and billing.
  • The Exhibitor has to complete the payment until January 3rd 2020, according to the payment request published by the Organizer at the online reservation system.

Mixed provisions

  • The Organizer shall undertake complete performance of orders placed by the specified deadline only. The Exhibitor shall acknowledge that if he fails to deliver to the Organizer all documents and information wished to be published and the data required for the items wished to be used at the Event by deadline, the Organizer will be unable to perform his duties under the Contract and shall not be liable for any damage arising therefrom for the Exhibitor.
  • The Exhibitor shall report any comment on the organization, implementation and operation of the Event - in order to allow it to be proved - during the period of the Event, and on invoicing until the expiry of payment term of the invoice in writing to the Organizer. The Organizer shall disregard any complaint received after the deadlines specified.
  • These General Conditions of Contract, all those included in the Order, the confirmation of the Organizer and any possible written statements between the Contracting parties shall form an integral part of the Contract between the Contracting parties.